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However you want to use, or contribute to, Kubescape, we are very happy to welcome you.


Kubescape users and developers meet on the CNCF Slack.

Mailing lists

We have three mailing lists:

  • -announce: used for project announcements
  • -dev: for discussion amongst contributors
  • -users: for user-to-user discussion and help

We recommend all Kubescape users join -announce to stay up to date with new releases.

Monthly meeting

We hold community meetings on Zoom, on the first Tuesday of every month, at 14:00 GMT. (See that in your local time zone).

Code of Conduct

Participating in open source is often a highly collaborative experience. We’re encouraged to create in public view, and we’re incentivized to welcome contributions of all kinds from people around the world. This makes the practice of open source as much social as it is technical.

Some open source projects attract enough contributors that a community forms. A healthy open source community centers the shared values and norms of its members. While not all of these values are exactly the same from community to community, there is a set of core values and norms that are essential in a just and equitable software commons.

The CNCF has defined its core values and norms in a Code of Conduct. As a CNCF project, we require all participants in the Kubescape community to behave in line with the standards set out in that document.